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Luxurious crystal box with an authentic Swarovski diamond as its cover. For rosy and supple lips that shine like a diamond, reducing fine lines and illuminates dull looking skin.Lips are particularly vulnerable because of the thin layer of skin. Thus they are often the first to show signs of dryness. SHILLS Magic Focus Q-Lips Repairing Balm is the ideal care for your lips.
Added with 3 types of natural nutritious plant oil (Castor oil+ Shea butter+ Jojoba oil), it forms a strong defense on lips, seals in moisture, relieves dryness and penetrates deep into skin for deep repair. The balm accelerates metabolism of skin cells to give smooth skin, reduces wrinkles, softens keratin, enhances lips self defense and regains healthy gloss.

S.O.S: Apply and leave on for 5 minutes, then wipe it gently with a tissue. Regain supple rosy lips and see keratin falling off.

Normal use: Use it every time needed. Leaves the lips moisturized for long hours, and protect from chapping and drying. Reduces wrinkles and lightens up dull lip skin with Multi-nutrient Essence.

Apply and spread evenly on the lips when needed.Or apply a thick layer and leave on for 5 minutes, then wipe it off gently with a tissue wet by lukewarm water.
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 ID Ahli  :  hana
 Tarikh  :  1-7-2013
 Tel  :  0195399112 
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